Verizon Media Internship

Optimizing the DSP onboarding experience.
June 2021 - August 2021
Ad team - Demand-Side Platform


Working at Ad Team.

During the summer of 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Verizon Media (now Yahoo). Specifically, I worked with the Ad team where I redesigned patterns to improve the ad publisher's onboarding experience and optimized the creative uploading experience.

Verizon Media Ad Team


What is DSP?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is software used to automate the purchase of advertising. Advertisers and agencies most commonly use DSPs to buy display, video, mobile, and search ads.


Bilan successfully optimized the "What's New" section, improving users' ability to onboard about DSP more efficiently and fluently. This demonstrates her ability to conceptualize and execute design ideas while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Lee Delgado, Lead Systems Designer at VerizonMedia

Main Projects

What’s New Project.

This project aims to optimize the "What's New" section to help users onboard about DSP more efficiently and fluently.

Envision the future of the Creative.

Refine the feature for uploading creatives for ad creators and publishers on the demand-side platform. This will allow them to upload creative assets more easily and efficiently.


Maintain regular communication.

Throughout these two projects, I maintained ongoing communication with stakeholders, providing regular progress updates and actively soliciting feedback.

Identify technical constraints.

I collaborated closely with software engineers to identify and address any technical constraints or challenges, proposing viable solutions to overcome roadblocks.

Regular design critiques.

I actively participated in weekly design critiques with the ad team, receiving valuable creative feedback to enhance my designs.

Meet DS team.

I had the privilege of collaborating with the design system team, which provided me with valuable insights and a broader perspective on the project.

Conduct Competitive Analysis.

To improve the user flow, I conducted a competitive and heuristic analysis. Based on my findings, I proposed a plan for the Creative section and presented it to the design panel.

Internship Presentation Deck

Usability Test

Iterate based on user feedback.

I tested the "What's New" prototype using Useberry. The feedback I received from the testing helped me iterate on the design.

Design Library System Component

Create Component Redline.

I scaled the What’s New Module into reusable components for the Design Library System, allowing teams across Verizon Media to adopt them in custom solutions. I created detailed development notes and handed off an organized, final Figma file to the engineer, allowing them to implement without requiring much input from design.


Develop Design Craft.

Through my engagement in these projects, I honed my critical thinking skills, meticulous attention to detail, and human-centered design approach, ensuring comprehensive consideration of all use cases during the design process. Working closely with the engineering team, I gained valuable insights into edge cases and developed a deep understanding of backend logic, enabling me to create components for the design library that were both functional and visually appealing.

Over Communicate.

As designers, effective communication is crucial. I was initially shy during the first week. However, I quickly realized that people couldn't help me if they didn't know I was struggling. It took me a week to break out of my shell and chat more with other designers, asking for design feedback and help.

Develop Strong Relationships.

During the internship, I enjoyed having virtual meetings with my colleagues and appreciated learning from their different perspectives. Interacting with them allowed me to form deeper relationships and connections, and I gained valuable insights from our discussions.

Thank you,
Verizon Media!

Special thanks.

So many people have contributed to my growth. I would like to give a special shoutout to my manager, Wei Chen, my design buddy, Iris Tian, and my coworker, Dawen Zheng, for all the guidance and support they have provided since day one. They are always there to offer helpful feedback to move my project forward. I am also thankful to Lee Delgado for being an inspiring mentor during my summer internship.

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