AIGC Design Explorations

Exploring the dynamic fusion of AI and design.
March 2023 - Present
Bilan Liu

AI Design

Exploring AI Design with Midjourney.

As a designer, I'm committed to lifelong learning, and Midjourney is my latest step in this exciting journey of growth and creativity.

Team Sharing Session

Exploring AI Design for Team Growth.

Motivated by my interest in Midjourney, I delved deeper into the realm of AI design, refining my skills and sharing insights with fellow designers.

This collaborative atmosphere fostered growth and innovation within our team. During the sharing session, teams shared the AI creations of their fluffy friends.

Series 1

Enchanting Gardens

Vector Illustration

This series takes a deep dive into the world of AI content creation, revealing the possibilities of maintaining consistent elements in a harmonious style. Through these enchanting illustrations, I began to understand how AI can contribute to crafting captivating visual narratives with a unified and captivating atmosphere.

Series 2

Doraemon's Product Renderings

3D Rendering

In this series, I embarked on a journey into the intriguing world of AI-driven 3D renderings. I would like to explore how AI can complement our sketches and prompts, unraveling the possibilities of merging creativity with artificial intelligence to craft distinctive product renderings.

Series 3

Other AI Design Endeavors


In the world of design, staying relevant is all about continuous learning. That's why I'm exploring Midjourney. It's not just a new skill; it's a way to adapt to the ever-changing design scene. It keeps me inspired, allows me to explore new ideas, and helps me deliver great design experiences.

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